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It is very well made and super cute, but I realized it was for a younger girl so gave to my niece and she was delighted.
I bought this in a large, forest green color.
The size runs a bit small. I almost always wear a medium in shirts and sweatshirts.
This is not a thick fluffy material like you get in a $60 hoodie but I did not expect that.
A large is like more a medium+. You get a bit of extra room for a layer underneath.
For the same price as a bargain sweatshirt at Walmart you get a hoodie so for the price
it's a good deal.
I expect it to last about two years if I wear it a lot.
Fits well and is very pretty.
Bought this for my father for Christmas and he loves it.
I love the color & perfect for me walking around in the city in the winter.
Did not wear them. After one wash cycle and dry noticed a half inch run in the fabric. Had to have been a defect in the fabric
Very nice comfortable fit.
Extremely comfortable, and fits perfectly.
I bought the six pack of fun toes and 1 pair of injini toe socks. I first tried the fun toes which seem to fit fine and looked nice but after a few hrs the space between 2 of my toes on one foot were hurting a bit, I thought well maybe it's because I'm not used to toe socks so I let it go. But after I tried my injinji's 😳✌️ No pain no nothing it feels like no socks, I love them. Sorry fun toes. These would be great for kids but in my opinion adults need a little extra comfort. Take care y'all
Not exactly what described in advertisement !
My daughter loves it. So far its still there
Very breathable and makes it feel like it isn't even there. Highly recommended product.
Great fit
Great looking, solid, polarized sunglasses! And the price was right, too!
Purchased these for a recent hike trip through the PNW. The purchase was ‘eh’ - nothing special. The socks are not absorbent at all, so after a full days worth of wearing them you feel the moisture buildup. Though, inexpensive and perhaps with shorter hikes would be better. I was also expecting them to be a little thicker. Not a horrid purchase but probably wouldn’t recommend these.
I had belts like this when I was in the Army....using them on my camo cargo shorts and am happy to say that I am very pleased with the quality of both the belt webbing and the buckle.
Keeps the sun out my eyes and Merica.
packaged great! extra screws and belt punch. purchased for outside use. most belts wear quickly, unless you get the $50 plus belts from lands end etc - not sure long term how this holds up, but for use outside mowing etc - much better price than at big stores locally!
I love how it fits. Light weight when I tried it on. I purchased this for riding my bicycle in the winter. I haven't tried it out yet, planning on riding this weekend.
Lovely. Good quality. Perfect size.
This was purchased as a gift, will update review once he has had a chance to break wallet in. 4 stars based on reaction and eagerness to switch out wallets.
Going by the ratings and the gushing, I ordered this bag to reward myself for all the Christmas shopping and decorating I was having to do. Just as stated, the leather and colors are beautiful. I wanted a purse that no one else had or even thought about having. It's unusual, elegant and sassy all in one. The only reason i didn't give it 5 stars is the size. It is much smaller than I thought. I haven't filled it with all my purse litter yet, as to me, it is a springtime purse. It awaits me and the spring in my closet. The unveil will be spectacular. I hope to create a lot of purse envy.
Fits well and easy to attach.
Nice style
Chain broke almost immediately. The necklace was very pretty and I was excited about it, but the chain didn’t even last a day.
So this has been my go to underwear for a while now, good fit, seemed well enough made to at least justify buying on sale, but why on earth has so much been added to the tag? This isn’t unwearable- even if I cut it out it’s a very thick layer of materials to dig into my waist and I can pick out the stitches but that shire is a lot of work to make them usable
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