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These may be 100% cotton, but whatever they've done to it, they've created a perfect dryer lint collecting material. So if you want reusable dryer sheets to pull every hair and fluff from your other laundry, get a set of these and use them for that.

Horrible t-shirts. Unwearable. I'm not trying to exaggerate. I own tons of black, cotton, inexpensive t-shirts and these are the absolute worst.

Like nothing I've seen before. I'd swear they were a poly/cotton blend to attract and hold this much material.
The clasp is the same as one pictured. A lobster claw clasp. It's easy to connect and looks sturdy. And the chain is in high quality and lightweight. I like it so much!
Nice wallet. I wish there was a place for a checkbook, but I tucked one in & made my own place.
The most common issue with this type of material (regardless of brand) is that it will retain oder. This particular product cleans well and hasn't melted in the the dryer yet. Fits great, colors haven't run and priced right. Id call it a win.
I purchased this bag in Aug. 2019 for the new school year. I like the bag, but unfortunately I don't think it's going to make it to the end of the school year. The handles are coming apart and one is almost completely detached from the bag.
They seem to be well made and good looking shorts. But I think they run alittle small. Either that or I'm alittle fat..
Every sock developed holes in the soles after about 5-10 washes/wears. Calling them heavy duty? Please don't waste you money like I did. Obviously the marketing is superior to the product!
I'm not sure whether it's just bigger than other similarly-priced hats, or it's tailored differently, but the top doesn't fit on my head nearly as snugly as other hats. It looks kinda goofy unless I really shove it down. YMMV, as always, but I'll be going to a different vendor for my cheap cotton hats.

Other than that, the clip on the back and quality seem to match other super-inexpensive ball caps. It's fine.
I like to wear these myself as "lounge wear" at home. They were a bit snug for a Large size and the waistband is not the same as it is on a few older pairs I have. The ComfortSoft Waistband is uncomfortable so I turn them inside out.
VERY THIN. But for what I paid and wearing these with my five fingers they are great!
Socks stay in place! It's tough to find ankle socks that don't slide down into your shoe. These socks really do stay put.
Don't even want to give one star. Stone fell out on the first wear.
they don't slip off your heel like others do.
My zipper on the back is broken! Can’t return 😒
Great shirt
Awesome quality
These Unicorn earrings were a hit with my granddaughter! The secure screw back is a must for little ones.
Plenty of room for everything
A little bit but it just doubles up on the ears to make them warmer
I love this color. A nice deep blue with just a mild hint of green.
still decent, but not as thick as the last batch i bought. seems to be a trend lately. this is fine...
The picture is not what you will receive. The waistband is not as pictured. Not pleased.
Beautiful purse just big af and it doesn’t like “bend” so it’s like walking with a brick! That doesn’t squeeze from space to space.
Buckles were both scratched up. No thanks!
These have been very helpful for my husband when he drives at night.
I forget that this brand is BIG. I love the color and the leather is soft. Well worth the money.
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