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cloth quality is less than expected. fits fine.
Fit as expected and husband loves ❤️
Nice wallet
Let's me be in the pool without concerns UV
Buy this only if you plan to stash there up to two cards and an ID card. It's really small and tight and can bend your cards if you put more than two of them.
Very nice and soft and warm, can't beat the price. I ordered these for myself I always buy men's hoodies they seem to be better made.
Love it holds all my cards easily and zips secure so I don't lose them. Sturdy if I ever need a new one I would buy again in a New York minute.
The quality of these scrubs is much better than anticipated! I was worried that they would be cheap due to the low cost, but they are great. I love the has almost a water repellant feel to it. Perfect for working chairside in a dental office. The fit is perfect!
As others have posted - the sizing is bizarre. I ordered the same size I purchase for slacks- 40waist x 32 inseam. I can't even pull these on! If I wasn't lazy I would have returned them within the return window.
This necklace is beautiful! I wear it frequently and it has stayed nice looking and is so lightweight! We bought 3 more as presents for our girls - 10, 17, and 22! It's a versatile piece!
Muy bonitas las pulseras pero cambian de color. No comprar, no pierdan su dinero en esto.
They are work pants I’ll wash them and they’ll be fine
These are "real" gym style shorts not "nickers" like kids wear today. Light weight and comfortable. If you don't mind showing some leg these are great to run or work out in.
The products are better that advertised. Very good quality of material.
Looks like a good wallet. If it last 5 years like my old one did I will be very happy.
Do not like this product. Was not the color I expected.
Gift for my daughter. Wife very pleased with the quality of the bag.
The pants fit perfectly.
I received this as a gift and I absolutely love it! Very well made!
Nice material.
Nice wallet, however, I think it's a little large to be a front pocket style.
Great quality material fitting perfectly, at a very reasonable price!
Seemed good quality, but a small didn’t even fit my 5’ tall daughter
This is probably my fault for not reading between the lines but I guess I dont try to trick people so why would someone try and trick me. These socks come in a "6 pack" which means 3 pairs. Why wouldn't you just say 3 pairs in the discription. I've never ever referred to buying stocking in my life as "hey honey get me a 6 pack and a 12 pack of socks", beer yes, socks no. I'm sure the socks are fine but I would have gone with another brand that was a "10 pack" for $2 cheaper. Now I'm off to buy 3 pairs of beer...
I love the purse and all the pockets
Arrived as expected. The hat doesn't appear to have long-lasting durability qualities. However, it will give me the sun protection I need for at least one hot Kentucky summer. Also, I look cool with this lid.
I love the quality and clarity and what it stands for!
I like this because I resell them
After I’m done weaving around them .
My customers love these ..
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